In recent times, Instagram is becoming a hub for marketers to promote their brands. The assistance of new features and updates like Instagram Stories, Live, Reels, and video sharing, helps them to deliver their brand’s message effectively.  

Instagram also offers many opportunities for brands to tell their brand story to many audiences. But, on the other side, such brand owners buy instagram video views to make their story reach broader. 

Don’t know how to build your brand Story on Instagram? Then, read this article till the end to have an explicit knowledge of creating a compelling story for your brand.

What is a Brand Story? 

Generally, people come to the conclusion that a brand story is a back history of the brand. However, it is not entirely true; it is part of brand storytelling. To make it clear, a brand story is a flow of narrative that encloses the emotions and facts created by your business or brand. 

Contrary to the typical advertising style, a brand story induces an emotional reaction among the customers. It includes details about the products, price range, history, quality, purpose, value, location, and customer feedback. 

4 Reasons Why Instagram is Perfect for Brand Story Telling

Have you ever thought about why most of them use Instagram for their brand? Have you got any answers? If not, here are some reasons to use Instagram for your brand storytelling. 

#1 Have a Personal Connection With Your Brand

Indeed, the business that has uprooted a personal connection will do better than the marketers in the market. For a successful business, building an emotional connection with new and existing prospects is essential. 

By doing this, you can earn trust and reliability for your business or brand from potential customers. Building a healthy rapport with the audience requires extra effort and time. So be patient and motivated; effort always pays off.

#2 Being a Mobile-friendly Application

As you all know, Instagram can be accessed through any device, whether an Android or PC desktop. As a result, it has become an added advantage for many users to showcase their talents on this platform.

Besides, businesses use this platform to actively engage with prospective customers and increase their brand visibility through this application. But conversely, users also found it easy to interact with the brand directly and put their queries in the DM’s. 

#3 Instagram Works Best for All Kinds of Businesses

With its wide range of user base, Instagram plays an essential role in brand building for small and large-scale businesses. Whether you are a well-established or a start-up, Instagram works in your favor to identify your specific group of audiences. 

Due to this reason, it is effective for the business owner to spread the brand presence through images and videos quickly. Additionally, entrepreneurs can consider Inzfy to increase their engagement rate for the posts and strengthen their profile page. 

#4 You can Earn Money Directly

Business account profiles on Instagram have plenty of features and updates exclusive to professionals. Now, businesses can utilize this platform as an e-commerce place and sell their products directly to customers. Here are a few ways to use this as an e-commerce platform are as follows, 

  • By adding CTA options, users can reach you directly. 
  • Clients or customers can enquire about the product in the DM’s.
  • You can now team up with influencers and promote your brand story. 
  • You can make utmost use of the Shop tab and posts that are shoppable directly without leaving the platform. 

5 Tips to Narrate a Perfect Brand Story on Instagram

So far, you have learned about why most business professionals rely on the Instagram platform when it comes to branding. Now let’s discuss building a perfect brand story for your business.

#1 Create an Engaging Visual Experience

As you are well aware of the fact that, Instagram is renowned for its visual engagement. So, having high-quality visual content is vital for the brand to establish its identity online. So, while creating a post for your brand story, ensure that you have perfect lighting, focus, subject, patterns, and filters.

#2 Have a Complete knowledge of Your Audience

Before starting to craft a story for your audience, you should get to know them well. You need to be aware of their interests and taste. This knowledge will help you to develop your brand story, which will actively engage your audience. 

Choose for whom you are writing and then select the content types which resonate with them. Also, remember that spamming with a lot of content may lead to less engagement for your profile. Similarly, considering Inzfy will amplify your brand engagement rate and strengthen your brand community at an instant speed. 

#3 Make Them See Your Process

Unlike other companies, you can try this new way to attract more audience for your brand. Have you observed what the companies usually do behind the scenes? Do you find anything unique that inspires you? The answer is neither yes nor no. Many companies won’t show behind-the-scenes their brand products. 

So you can use this opportunity to show your brand’s process, events, work culture, and even your employees and happy customers. Using real images for your brand story might have a chance to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. 

#4 Use Instagram Live and Stories to Tell Your Brand Story

Among all other features on Instagram, the Live and Story feature has the potential to have a deeper connection with your followers. So sharing your brand story on Stories and Live videos will be more effective than sharing through text captions or images. 

You can share your brand story as a perfect moment from scratch till the end of your story. Then, you can highlight those Stories under a specific heading. By doing this, your profile can see your story whenever they visit your profile. 

#5 Deliver Your Brand Story With a Cause

Nowadays, most people look out for a brand with a worthwhile cause. It is an essential aspect for a brand to thrive in the market. It shows that you care about their environment and connect with a social cause.

Through this, you can earn their trust and genuine customers for your brand. You must make them believe that your brand is more than just selling products. This way, you can effectively make a fan following base for your brand. 

The Bottom Line

As a whole, Instagram can be the ideal platform for building and sharing your brand story with the world. With valuable features and updates, you can make your brand visible and profitably spread your brand. By promoting, you can increase your sales rate and take your business to the next level. 

Whether you are new or a well-established brand, you can connect with your target customer efficiently by sharing your compelling brand story. Therefore, it is time to put on your creative hat and make your audience into your potential prospects by weaving a perfect Story.