Netflix is planning to renew its popular supernatural horror drama web television series, The Order for its second season! Yes, The Order Season 2 is happening. Here are complete details you should know on the release date, cast, plot, trailer for The Order Season 2, and also know will the knights discover the Alpha hide in The Order Season 2?

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If you are a few among the people who haven’t watched any of the previous seasons for the series yet! Then, we would recommend you to watch it soon after completing the article.

Keeping all that aside, here is everything we know so far regarding the upcoming The Order Season 2.

The Order Season 2: Release Date

Sadly, we don’t have any confirmed reports regarding the release date for The Order Season 2 yet!

But, few of the speculation reports say that the new season for the series will hit somewhere in 2020.

This news came out before the COVID-19 pandemic happened! At present, we don’t have any confirmed reports on whether the series will face delays or not.

Yes, as like all other series the production for all other series including The Order Series has been stopped.

It will be better to wait for an official announcement from the show makers on this!

The Order Season 2: Cast

In terms of cast members for The Order Season 2, we will get to see regular casts like Jack Manley as Jack Morton.

So, regular casts like Sarah Grey as Alyssa Drake, Max Martini as Edward Coventry, Sam Trammell as Eric Clarke.

Katherine Isabelle as Vera Stor, Adam Di Marco as Randall Carpio, Thomas Elms as Hamish Duke, Matt Visser as Weston.

Jedidiah Goodacre as Kyle, Ajay Friese as Amir, and Every Jacob’s as Lilith Bathory will appear for the new movie.

The Order Season 2: Plot

The plot details for The Order Season 2 will more likely be revolving around Jack Morton, who is a college student.

Jack joins in a secret society, namely, the Hermetic Order, and also he finds that his father was also the part of this group! After some scenes, he eventually gains the knowledge and starts to unveil the dark secrets behind the history of the organization.

There he discovers an underground battle that is fought between the werewolves and dark creations.

In the second season, we may see him discovering more secrets behind the history of the organization.

The Order Season 2: Trailer

Currently, there is no such trailer unveiled for The Order Season 2 yet! We will let you know as soon as it drops in.

Until stay tuned stuck to our site for more updates in the future.

The Order Season 2: Will The Knights Discover The Alpha Hide?

We have reports saying that in the second season we would see the introduction of two other werewolves.

Their first one could be Silverback’s new champion since Jack decides to keep the midnight. Since the Knights’ possessions are now the property of Vera Stone, Silverback’s next hero may even come from within The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.