Have you also face the problem of feeling pain during the nail treatment or applying nail polish remover then you are also want to know the reason for it.

According to the dermatologist, this will be the symbol of damaging to your nails.


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Your nails hurt after the applying of nail polish remover because of the acetone. Yes, it is true that the nail polish remover has acetone in it which is definitely a toxic chemical that can hurt you when it comes to the contact of your body as well as you inhaled it through any kind of object or reason.

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Dr. Jessica Krant is an assistant clinical professor of dermatology says, “Just Like your hair, the outermost layer of your fingernails are dead, that’s why you are able to clip your nails without feeling pain. But underneath this layer have very sensitive nerve endings and blood vessels. So if you are feeling pain during nail treatments then it means that the top layer has been compromised with its sensitiveness.”

Dr. Krant says, “Over-manicuring or extended smothering of the nail with polish, gels or acrylics can lead to thinning and weakening of the nail plate, which makes the protective nail surface into more of a cellophane wrapper than a hard shell casing.””

And she also added that “The nail plate is an active exchange barrier that transmits oxygen, moisture, and nutrients.”


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If you think that what is the solution to this problem? So, don’t worry here is some solutions which help you to remove this problem. Dr. Krant recommends that when you allow your nails to recover then give them break and allowing them to breathe between manicures and other treatments.

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She also suggests that you should moisturize nails daily with thick hand lotions because of “Many simple nail issues are created by over-drying and over-manicuring.”

And it will be better for you if you use acetone-free nail polish remover or try something like soy-based nail polish remover. You also go with the nail treatment for few weeks which is enhanced with Vitamin E.
If you can do this it will be excellent for your nails that you can go without nail polish for several days or weeks.