When we are picking out an engagement ring then the factor which is more important is the style, it should be trendy and classic. In today’s modern era the sale of engagement rings has increased 280% year over year that makes it the fastest-growing category. Here are some things that you should keep in mind while buying your engagement rings.

A diamond’s quality and its price are determined by four C’s CUT, CLARITY, COLOR, KARAT. You can’t buy the perfect diamond because that is rare and expensive, but you can get a perfect one.

1. Cut

Are You Looking For Diamond Engagement Rings Read This Before Buying1

By cut, you can determine a diamond’s shape and brilliance. If a diamond has well-cut then it reflects the light from one face to another. But if the cut is too deep or too shallow then light escapes from the diamond that reduces the stone’s quality.

  • Take the ring of the right shape and within your budget

Review all the possible shapes in the market and select one which you like most. The most popular shape is round brilliant, princess, and cushion cut. If you want the highest level of perfection then go for “Ideal cut”. Choose that ring which you can afford easily. Consider the chevrons also because it gives multifaceted look. So more chevrons mean more multifaceted and fewer means smoother look.

2. Clarity

Are You Looking For Diamond Engagement Rings Read This Before Buying

Diamonds are formed over millions of years underground so they contain impurities. These impurities can’t be seen by naked eyes so, determine the clarity of diamonds before buying them.

Before buying diamond rings you have a little bit of knowledge about clarity and if you don’t have then any problem just ask the jeweler about the clarity of a diamond. The clarity levels of diamonds are F to IF, VVS1 to VVS2, VS1 to VS2, I1 to I3, etc. where FL means flawless, IF means internally flawless, VVS1 means very very small inclusions, S1 means small inclusions.

3. Color

Are You Looking For Diamond Engagement Rings Read This Before Buying3

A colorless diamond is of the highest quality and they are very rare. Most of the diamonds have a yellow color which we can’t see by the naked eye.

If the price is of no concern then go for D grade diamonds but if you can’t afford D grade diamonds then go for E or F diamonds. Diamonds that are of H, I, and G grades are considered white. J-M grade diamonds run from “top silver(J)” to “light cape(M)”.

4. Carats

Are You Looking For Diamond Engagement Rings Read This Before Buying4

Diamond weight or size are measured in karats. If it has more karats then it is very expensive and bigger it will be. In the last take in considering a karat weight only to see that it is in your budget or not. The most common size of engagement rings is 1/2 karat, 1 karat, and 2 karats not more than that. Before that, you should know that what the recipient prefers in size.

5. What other that go with your diamond?

Are You Looking For Diamond Engagement Rings Read This Before Buying5

For band metal, you can select gold, silver according to your choice and your skin tone. This is the balance of both beauty and budget. These metals are last long for years. If you don’t have an issue with a budget then you can go for platinum also because it is the most lustrous of all precious metals.