The women’s swimwear market is both exciting and perplexing. The availability of different swimwear options is thrilling. You can go for a bikini, tankini, or a one-piece. However, there are other factors you need to consider when picking the perfect suit for your body.

Not all swimwear is excellent for anybody or occasion. Therefore, you need to consider coverage, silhouette, and other strategic detail when shopping for swimwear. In addition, you need to understand the different options available and how they fit your body.

Below is an in-depth guide into some of the most common women’s swimwear options.

  1. One-piece

A traditional one-piece swimsuit is ideal for women who prefer something classic, simple, and timeless. This style is versatile but can fit flatter any body type. The swimwear has adjustable thick straps that are key if you have a big burst and need additional support. However, there are strapless options if you prefer a look with less coverage.

The beauty of one-piece swimsuit is that they highlight your best features and make you feel comfortable at the same time. For example, a V-neck style can attention to your bust, and a strategical place belt at the waist draws attention to your curves. Rocking a one-piece is all about the details, making it an excellent suit to flatter every body type.

  1. Bikini

If you want to show more skin, consider pairing a bikini top with a comfortable bottom. When you buy swimwear online, especially bikinis, ensure they allow some flexibility to mix and match your options to create a fresh look every time. For example, you can select a solid bottom and add a few different bikini tops.

The bikini top features a reliable bra-cut and while the bottoms sit below the belly button. Modern bikini styles are designed to fit all body types. Meaning, as long as you know your size, you can easily find a bikini top that fits your style and preference. If you want a bit more cover, consider a bikini top with a high waist or a top with substantial straps to support your burst efficiently. Consider a bikini top with a high waist.

  1. Tankini

A tankini is a great option when you can’t quite settle on a one-piece or bikini. Tankini swimwear provides enhanced coverage of a one-piece and the flexibility and versatility of a bikini.

A tankini features a long top below the navel and a pair of traditional bikini bottoms. Tankinis are available for all body types, and they give you great options when selecting a great bikini. For example, if you have a bigger bust, you can opt for a style that features a built-in underwire for excellent support. Or you can go for those with a high neckline if you want to amplify your coverage without sacrificing your comfort.


Whether you are headed to the beach or spending quality time in your pool, it is essential to be prepared.  There is a variety of swimwear online that fit any body type. If you buy swimwear online, you might be surprised to find the style you never thought would do your body. Experiment with different styles and options as you have fun.