Is there anyone who does not want to a slim figure? Who is not fond of that gorgeous figure which adds a different dimension to your personality?But unfortunately, we are not always blessed with a nice figure and we have done many things like exercise, workouts, avoid our favorite food(which is most of the times fried, oily and spicy!) perhaps we never get that slim and trim figure of our dreams.

It’s easy to do experiments with western dresses to look slim, gorgeous and beautiful but all that fails when you get to the Indian wear section and we don’t know is how to make sure kurti’s fit us right and look good on our bodies.

Yet there are many times when you are still sad about the fact that you look fat in Indian clothes!

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Here is some tips for all those women who want to know how to look slim in Indian outfits:

1. Always Know About Your Size:

In the Western world, everyone lives on sizes and fits but in India, somehow most of the women ignore it and go with that whatever they like. So make sure you know your body and your size well.