Different countries have outlets and stores of different brands that sell their products at different rates and prices. The same is the case with Saudi Arabia when it comes to selling Honor tech products. What we talk about today is one of the latest honor tech products- honor x7a, launched in 2023. People are interested in the actual price of this phone in Saudi Arabia. The honor x7a price in KSA starts from SAR 500. This is the least amount that you can spend on these phones to make them your companion.

This article is all about honor x7a. Here our major concern will be the price and features of honor x7a in KSA. Let’s dive directly into the details of these phones and see what you can get from these phones at this price.

What is the actual price of honor x7a in KSA?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is selling Honor tech products to witness the collaboration between two partners. This time, honor stores in KSA sell honor x7a at a reasonable price between SAR 500 to SAR 650. This price can vary from time to time and from store to store. This price can also be reduced during sale or discount seasons.

There could be several reasons to choose these phones for your personal and regular use. This price is not much for the average salaried person. That’s why these honor mobile phones are on high sale in Saudi Arabia.

Mention a few main features of honor x7a:

The main features of honor x7a are listed below.

  • Camera: The presence of a 50MP ultra quad camera is the mind-blowing feature in these honor phones that brings quality, clarity, brightness, and effective themes to your shots, be they images or videos.
  • Storage: 128GB large storage is also an attractive feature of these honor mobile phones. This space is used for the storage of your images and videos. There is a chance that you can save long files and documents to these honor phones’ storage.
  • Battery: The extra-long battery life is possible with a big 6000mAh battery that is known for keeping your mobile phone active and working for a whole long day or sometimes more than a day. You will get an online video playback of around 22 hours, 42 hours for audio calls, 29 hours for music, and 42 hours for social media. This is an extraordinary feature of honor x7a mobile phones.
  • Charging: When your phone’s battery is low, you don’t need to worry because these phones easily boost up the battery and charging of your phone with powerful chargers. You can watch movies or videos with just 10 minutes of charging for almost 3 hours. So, these phones ensure a longer battery life.


The article mentioned that the honor x7a price in KSA starts from SAR 500. Its average price is around SAR 600, which is also an affordable tech product option. Honor Company is catering to the requirements of its users by manufacturing such amazing tech creations. If you are interested in this honor x7a phone, buy it for your use.