As we all know that no one lives happily in their life everyone tries to live for happiness. But all of us forget some things and do little mistakes in our life due to which we can’t live happily in our life.

So, according to a survey, this reveals that what things we do not do for living happily in our life. Here is given some reasons which are as follows:

1. Do Not Compare To Yourself With Other People

Yes, it is true that never try to compare yourself to others because it will lose your confidence and you will become the reason of your failure. So, don’t do this thing again in your life.

You Want To Live Truly Happy -1

2. Don’t Live In Your Past

It means that don’t live with your bad memories. According to a survey, many people are present in this continent who have bad times in their past and they don’t forget those things, they live continuously with that things and this will become the reason of your sadness in your life. So, if you want to live happily and want to achieve success in your life then you must move forward in your life and you have to leave your past.

You Want To Live Truly Happy -2

3. Don’t Stop To Improve Yourself

If you do this in your life so please stop this and never try to do this mistake again in your life. Always try to do better in your life with the first one and this will the reason of your happiness in your life because it will give you an internal happiness and satisfaction to you which you never get from anywhere.

You Want To Live Truly Happy -3

4. Do Not Focus On What Is Missing

I think this is a common mistake that everyone really does in their life and we never think that this will become the biggest mistake of your life to achieve something. Yes, study finds that you do not all task or you are not gain everything at a time in your life, something you definitely loose on that time. So, stop focusing on that what is missing in your life and try to do efforts to gain that thing which you lose this will become happier in your life.

You Want To Live Truly Happy -4

5. Don’t Stop Loving Yourself

This is the main reason of your sadness or if you don’t enjoy your life truly then this is the only reason of your sadness. So, don’t stop loving yourself because if you love yourself then you love everyone and it will give you truly happiness.

You Want To Live Truly Happy -5

6. Do Not Finish Your Curiosity To Learn Anything

This is the fact if you will kill your curiosity to learn anything then you definitely loose anything in your life. So, never stop this habit because everything will help you in your progress of your life as well as your career and this will give you real happiness.

You Want To Live Truly Happy -6

7. Don’t Stop Smiling

This is proven that if you want to live happy in the real sense then you have to smile in every condition and in any situation this will definitely spread positiveness in your life and who knows maybe your smile will be the reason of other’s happiness. So always keep smile!

You Want To Live Truly Happy -7

8. Do Not Forget Your Loved Ones

Sometimes you forget who is your loved one and you will like the company of those people whose company is not good for you. If you do this then stop doing this and give the preference to those people who are your loved ones because they will help you in any condition and any situation of your life and this will be the reason of your original happiness.

You Want To Live Truly Happy -8

9. Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Loneliness

Do you know science finds that the people who love their own company or like to talk themselves or you can say that – that person who likes to live alone are a genius and they have the ability to face anything in their life because they are mentally strong and they can do anything which they want to do? So, don’t afraid to your loneliness and enjoy your own company to learn something and live happily in your life.

You Want To Live Truly Happy -10

10. Do Not Give Value Fake Things Comparatively Than Experienced Things

According to a survey, most of the people give the priority of those things that only for show off or you can say that believe on fake things and they do not give value to the experienced things. One thing always remembers that you’re experienced never give you a wrong advice regarding your life but the fake things always the reason of your failure. So, if you did this then stop now.

You Want To Live Truly Happy -9