Engineering myths are too much funny as well as varied. So let’s go to debunk some of these myths about engineering campus.

Let’s talk about a general conversation about engineering campus between you and average human beings?

If somebody ask what are you doing now?

You -I study engineering.

Average human beings what? you study engineering. That’s so much depressing. College fest must be a total banger, right? Your friends are totally worst, right? Do you guys even have to fantasise just like Tony Stark? Engineer life is just all about giving one exam just after another.


There are many myths about life in an engineering college. we are here to debunk many of them. So next time if somebody talks to you as such show them this article.

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Some of myths about engineers:

1.They only study!

Engineering Campus Myths That Should Be Debunked-1

This is the most common myths about engineering students. People think that they study all the time. But it’s not true. They are not super human beings they are also like other courses students. Just like other students they also take part in extracurricular activities like sports and college societies. There is a life beyond studies.As always every students cannot be “Silencer”.