Do you know that you have the ability to increase your EQ? You have learned here what is emotional intelligence and how can you measured it, and why it is important to achieve your success.

Emotional Intelligence is referred to as EQ and it is quite often compared to our Intelligence Quotient or IQ. IQ measures a person’s reasoning ability while EQ measures how one manages their emotions. Here is given below some areas that are part of the measurement of EQ that are as follows:

1. You Have To Being An Empathetic

empathetic person

Being empathetic means you have to aware of the emotions of others. Because being empathetic takes awareness one step further. You can do this by listening carefully and tuning into the non-verbal clues which you have around yourself. Due to this you can build a closer relationship with others and also allows them to better related to you.

2. You Have To Self-Aware


Self-awareness is your ability to comprehends accurately to your emotions and stay aware of them what they happen. According to the EQ expert Bradberry, “The self-awareness is important for you to be able to quickly react and adjust in a given situation.”

3. You Have To Be A Self-Control


It is said that controlling the emotions is the key to emotional intelligence. You have to be ability to act to act and react based on the situation not on how you are feeling in that moment. This could be a great loss to yourself reacting based on how you feel in any situation. It is good for you when you have to control your emotions.

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4. You Have To Control On Your Thoughts

you have to control your thoughts

It comes out in many types of research that you have faced many problems due to your thoughts or we can say that the way you speak anything. So, you have to definitely take the time but control the way how you think, and why not you use this idea that you can make the words you speak it will be inspiring for yourself.

5. You Can Manage Changes In An Effective Way


As we all know that change is the rule of life as well as of nature also. And generally, it measures of your EQ that how will you react to the changes in your life. The person who is able to not only see the changes and adjust to the situation but also help others in that situation and create a positive environment, that will be the one others will look to that time when the future changes will occur.

6. You Have To Pay Attention

to pay attention

It also measures your emotional intelligence that how effectively you are paying attention in anything throughout each day. Those who have a higher EQ they are not allowing distractions to disturbed in their focus to achieve their aim.

7. You Have To Be Confident


If you want to reach to your success then you will definitely have some failures. Because this is the part of the price for success. And your emotional intelligence and future success will be measured at that time how you react to that failure. So, you have to be confident on that time to rise from the ashes of that failure and become a smarter and more confident individual.