As a doctor and scientist, I prefer to make decisions based on research.

Based on that study, 60 percent of our positive feelings and 70 percent of our negative feelings are predicted by things that are difficult or impossible to change immediately like our genes, our age, and certain personality traits.

The bright side is that 40 percent of our positive feelings and 30 percent of our negative feelings can be influenced by the choices we make right now.

Negative emotions are part of the human experience. Never feel bad about feeling bad. That said, let’s move forward.

Here are the top 20 happiness-boosting strategies, backed by science.

1. Change Your Mood Into Happy Mood


Music is the best option for getting into happy mode.I get completely caught up in a flow. Find your own source of that feeling.

2. Decide To Be Happier


This will open more and more effective strategies.

3. If You’re In An Unfortunate Condition, Change It Or Accept It


Then go on with the rest of your life. Don’t get frustrated with situations you are facing in your life.

4. Live More, Think Less


Don’t try to force yourself to look at only the positive, or try to tune out negative aspects of life. Instead, accept reality as it is and go on with life: work, eat, sleep, take care of yourself, interact with others — just keep going.

5. Attempt To Reach Your Full Potential


Be yourself at your highest potential, highest capability.

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6. Organize Your Life And Goals


Know which direction you’d like to travel in life and how you can start. All you need is a general sense of direction, determined by what you most value, and to know the next step in that direction.

7. Act Happy


Fake yourself. Change your body language, smile more. Think of a little baby clapping its fat hands in glee (or another image that makes you smile). For a little while, be that baby.

8. Focus On Maintaining Relationships


Keep reaching out to your nearest and dearest, meeting them halfway at least. If they tread on your toes, don’t be a doormat. Assert your expectations calmly but firmly. They’ll learn that you respect yourself and your relationship will benefit from mutual respect.

9. Pursue Career Goals


Many people feel energized by this challenge. However, if your boss or work situation is not good, you might need to look for other opportunities.

10. Interact With Friends And Keep Delightful In Their Company


Laughing with friends is my idea of bliss.

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11. Maintain Your Physical Health


Make time to prepare and relish real stuff. Sit less, move more.

12. Meditation


Life is not all thinking and doing. Sometimes it’s good to be still and experience the joy of just being. Experience every breath as a gift.

13. Party!


No explanation needed!

14. Work On Your Hobbies


Find something enjoyable but challenging enough that will allow your talents and interests to be developed.

15. Become More Active In Your Leisure Time


Limit your passive leisure. However, if you overdo watching TV, surfing the Internet, shopping, or lazing around, it’s more likely to predict unhappiness than happiness.

You don’t have to try all of these things at once. Pick the one or two strategies that best fit your life. Start today, and, before you know it, you’ll be experiencing more happiness. Don’t wait for happiness to fall into your lap: Grow your own!