11. Diane Kruger

12 Times Celebs Say 'NO' To Stylists And It's Totally Paid Off 11

As you see many times that Diane in flowy, feminine pastels, bold reds and blues, and a variety of neutrals and whites. It means that she can wear anything. She said in an interview with Buro 24/7 “It’s very fun every once in a while to get dressed up, and usually you’re there to [promote] your movie or TV show, so it’s always a very special moment.” When asked about her style including her teen years then she said, “I don’t wear skirts anymore where my butt cheeks are hanging out! That’s for the best, but other than that, I don’t know.”

12. Dita Von Teese

12 Times Celebs Say 'NO' To Stylists And It's Totally Paid Off 12

The fashion icon as well as burlesque star, Dita said that she does not only choose the pieces she is going to rock the red carpet in on her own, but she prefers to shop alone “without an entourage.”

13. Marion Cotillard

12 Times Celebs Say 'NO' To Stylists And It's Totally Paid Off 13

The most popular and also French girl Marion Cotillard, who becomes famous through her latest movie Shakespeare’s Macbeth, has decided to dress. Even she is an ambassador of Dior but Marion still goes bold with her style choices. And we’ve seen her in lace, cutouts, knife pleats, embroidery, oversized flowers and even a Gaultier halter gown that made her look like she was coated in fish scales. And the best thing is that she’s never afraid to make a bold statement about her red carpet outfits, which also organize a variety of hairstyles and accessories. About her statement, the personal stylist Arianne Phillips agrees: “Diane Kruger and Marion Cotillard are consistently the best dressed in Hollywood. Both women are not only incredibly talented actresses, they’re extreme beauties in the sense that both of them exude confidence and ease. They’re both clearly working with very sophisticated and informed taste levels in terms of style and more importantly, they understand what looks good on them.”