Best Hiking Leggings: Let’s be honest — who doesn’t like athleisure? Athletic clothing not only looks flattering but also enhances performance and is a sure winner for all adventure junkies out there.

Hikers, specifically, use hiking pants that are quite sturdy. But if you want something a tad bit more comfortable, hiking leggings are not far off. Leggings are such a versatile piece of clothing and keep you toasty while dialing up on the style factor. As they can be used for both casual and formal occasions, your hiking leggings will serve more than one purpose. Read our list of the 13 best pairs below and bag your favorite before your next hike!

Which Are The Best Leggings For Hiking?

Hiking leggings usually feature a high-rise waistband that stays put as you climb or scramble uphill. They hug your legs comfortably, enabling a tight fit and prevent slipping down while still looking flattering. To keep you cool and allow your skin to breathe, most leggings are made of breathable fabrics. It is also water-resistant, so it repels sweat, which can also be a great feature as it dries quickly. For colder weather conditions, hiking leggings are also crafted with a lining of fleece to keep you warm without overheating.

5 Best Hiking Leggings:

1. BALEAF Women’s Leggings:

BALEAF’s waterproof leggings for hiking are composed of 50% cotton, 36% polyester, and 14% spandex. The breathable and stretchable fabric is supplemented with an elastic waistband that is comfortable on the skin. It also features a small inner pocket to house your valuables like keys or cash. With a 4-way stretch and non-see-through property, these hiking tights have flat seams that minimize the irritation that chafing can cause. Giving you a wider range of motion, this pair is available in 14 colors and is a great choice for hiking.

Pros Cons
Moisture-wicking Some may find that they ride down easily
4-way stretch and ergonomic design  
Minimized chafing  
Not see-through  
Inner waistband pocket  
Available in 14 colors  


2. AFITNE Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants:

If you want to explore hiking in yoga pants, look no further than AFITNE’s figure-flattering polyester-spandex blend pairs. Not only is it waist-high, but the elastic band is also wide enough to give you tummy control and not dig into the skin. Made with breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, these comfortable leggings for hiking are lightweight, absorb sweat, and dry quickly when washed. Side pockets with a hidden one in the waistband allow you to keep your stash of essentials worry-free. The flatlock seams in these leggings for women reduce irritation and a gusseted crotch allows you to move about freely.

Pros Cons
Available in 16 colors Might be see-through
4-way stretch  
Wide waistband with inner pocket  
Gusseted crotch for freedom of movement  


3. COOLOMG Women’s Running Pants:

Hiking in leggings comfortably is offered by COOLOMG as they are made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. The fabric is buttery soft and fits you like a second skin with a snug elastic waistband with drawstrings. To allow you to hike freely, these walking leggings have a four-way stretch, a gusset crotch, and flat-locked seams. A small hidden zippered pocket at the backside can be used to stow your essentials. Hugging your body yet still retaining shape, COOLOMG’s best hiking tights can be used for all your day hikes.

Pros Cons
Available in 19 colors Some might find that they don’t provide enough compression
Minimized chafing  
Retains shape  
4-way stretch  
Inner zippered pocket  
Snug waistband  


4.HIGH DAYS High Waisted Yoga Pants:

HIGH DAYS offers hiking or camping leggings that are composed of 87% polyester and 13% spandex for a 4-way stretch. They offer tummy control by gently compressing the abdomen and smoothing down the silhouette. As this pair of hiking pants is not see-through, you can be active worry-free even if you happen to bend and lift weights. The side pockets easily fit your phone, so you can hike hands-free while the gusseted crotch gives a seamless look. You can stay cool with the breathable fabric that also wicks away moisture in these winter hiking leggings.

Pros Cons
Eliminates chafing They might not retain shape
Available in 11 colors  
Side pockets  
The waistband offers tummy control  
Breathable leggings  


5. Yogipace High Waisted Yoga Leggings:

Yogipace’s women’s hiking leggings are made with 87% polyester and 13 % nylon and feature an elastic waistband. For optimum comfort, the fabric of these durable leggings offers a 4-way stretch and wicks away moisture, so you don’t get sweaty on the trail. On the waistband, a back pocket keeps your valuables hidden with 2 side ones that can store larger items. These yoga pants for hiking have a flat and wide waistband that doesn’t dig into the skin and a double-layer gusset crotch with flatlock seams. Allowing you to move however you prefer, they offer a secure fit.

Pros Cons
Wide elastic waistband Might be see-through
2 side pockets and a hidden back pocket  
Double-layer gusset crotch  
Flatlock seams and 4-way stretch  
Available in 3 colors  


How To Choose The Right Hiking Leggings?

  • Fabric: Elastane also goes by the names Lycra or spandex and is good at moisture-wicking, stretchability, and breathability. Nylon is another highly-used material for leggings and while it offers moisture-wicking and stretchable abilities, it might not be the best at breathability. Polyester is also widely used but is moderate at stretchability and retaining heat. However, it is breathable and wicks away moisture. When purchasing leggings, look for a blend of the materials mentioned above to get the best out of all the fabrics.
  • Flexibility: To allow you to move better, leggings incorporate some features and stitching patterns. A gusseted crotch is a piece of cloth stitched into the crotch area that can minimize the irritation caused due to friction or even chafing. This can help you walk or run around without restriction.
  • The waistband of your leggings needs to be elastic and having a drawstring closure is even better. This is because you can customize the fit and prevent the pants from slipping down, giving you the freedom to move without worries.
  • Water-resistant: This is an important quality if you happen to be hiking in areas that experience much rain. Even otherwise, this feature keeps moisture and sweat away from your leggings and helps them dry quickly when washed.
  • Warmth: If your hikes are scheduled for winters or you live in an area that witnesses harsh cold weather, look for thermal leggings. They are made of thicker material and have more compression on the legs and thighs. Additionally, they also have a fleece lining on the inside to keep you warm.
  • Pockets: Some people prefer to hike hands-free and this is when pockets come in handy. You can look for deep side pockets that are roomy enough to hold your phone and wallet. Some are even zippered for extra security. If you’re afraid of your valuables being lost or falling out, some leggings feature pockets inside the waistband. They can be used to hold credit or debit cards and keys for extra protection.

If you’re a first-time or a long-time hiker, shopping for new gear is always exciting. While hiking pants are great for this activity, many brands have been designing leggings that work just as well, or even better. You might be reluctant to use hiking leggings but fret not as they have a plethora of features that keep you at optimum comfort and still add some style. Plan your hike in freezing temperature, when it’s drizzling out, or with the sun right overhead — there are hiking leggings for every occasion! Even if you happen to be a casual hiker, these leggings are so good that you’ll definitely want to use them for other sports activities.


Q- Are leggings good for hiking?

A- Yes, leggings are breathable and can help prevent chafing. They repel sweat and don’t cause restriction of movement.

Q- Can you hike in yoga pants?

A- Yes, yoga pants are quite durable and made to withstand movement. They have a gusseted crotch and flat seam stitching to minimize chafing and irritation.

Q- Are workout leggings good for hiking?

A- Workout leggings are pretty sturdy as they can be used for squatting and weightlifting. They offer compression, reduce chafing, and wick away moisture.